11 August 2017

Calista Retrospective: Year 6

Six years old.
This little girl, my baby, my firstborn, my joy, my love, she is phenomenal. Most of the time, she is the best thing I could ever ask for. She has had a busy and productive year.

Calista loved kindergarten and excelled at it.
First Day
Last Day
She learned to read with confidence (quite a bit above grade level, and the best in the morning kindergarten, if I'm bragging about it) and even began reading a few words in Spanish. She is picking up on words while she speaks Spanish, too, and got a little award from the school for her efforts to speak Spanish - even correcting her teacher on occasion ("SeƱora, it should be 'las' instead of 'los' because both the ayudantes are girls.") Taking the bus to and from school was probably one of the best parts of her day, as she made some excellent friends and loved spending time with them.

Church was a good place for her, too. Calista loves to sing and has an excellent memory for the words to the songs. She can readily answer questions, though sometimes gets a little nervous being put on the spot.

At home, Calista is an excellent helper and big sister. She adores Caleb and loves to talk, sing, and read to him...
sometimes when I'd prefer he wasn't distracted.
Craig is often her playmate,
and sometimes her nemesis. Usually they get along really well, and often a little too well at bedtime...
While she is an excellent helper sometimes, other times she is frustrating. She will whine and complain about how hard it is to clean up her room, toys, or books, and spend an hour saying she can't do it, when if she just did it, it would only take 15 minutes. Every day after school, there was a list of things Calista had to do before she could watch videos or play games on the computer or ipad. Usually she never finished. When something presents the smallest challenge for her, Calista will whine and complain and say she just can't do it. It difficult to deal with, and difficult to encourage her to try new things that I know she could learn to do when I also know I'll be met with resistance.

Around our home, she found some excellent friends to hang out with,
often playing outside with them all afternoon and even after dinner if we let her.

We've moved away from all her friends, but she's taking it in stride. I know she misses them, but we're hopeful she'll make new ones just as amazing.

In the last year, Calista enjoyed dance, curling, and soccer.
She is strong and capable, and enjoys following instructions and getting things right.

Favorite color: rainbow
Favorite food: pepperoni pizza
Favorite place to go in the whole world: Oregon
When she grows up she wants to be: an artist for fun, and a veterinarian for a job
Best thing about being 5: moving to our new house
What she's looking forward to most about being 6: starting grade 1

She is

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Five years old was a pretty good age for Calista. Hopefully six is just as good or (dream big!) even better!

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